London Girl – Blog

“With so much tits and arse on show, it was important for me to gage from the males attending the event (outnumbered by the women by the way) who they found really sexy. And most of uttered the word Melitta Honeycup, a pink haired sauce pot from Barcelona, who has tattoos all over her perfect 24 year old body and a carny attitude to match. Melitta’s performance was a cross between burlesque and circus, which is a hard combination to get right because it’s either toocircusy or not circusy enough. Melitta had that perfect balance, and whilst she gracefully twirled on the tissue above people’s heads, carrying out dangerous and erotic moves to Lynch-like music, she was Nikita sex appeal personified.

This girl did not need seamed stocking, she had letters tattooed on the length of the back of her thighs!”