The Abandoned Bride

A standard of the cabaret storytelling genre, this is the old, Girl gets left by her lover…Melitta opens the scene, arriving as a happy bride preparing for her wedding. She is playfully sexy, showing off her ring to the audience, a picture perfect happy bride. But, no, fate shall intervene and bring her off her […]

The Evil Queen

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” Dressed in an exquisite bespoke Bibian Blue costume, Melitta takes on the persona of the evil queen from Snow White, starting off with the burlesque must of an isis-wing dance proceeding with the classic question from the fairy tale. Upon receiving the answer that […]

Harley Quinn

This piece is a heartfelt homage to the anti-heroine Harley Quinn. Nerdlesque, if you may. Having grown up in the ’90’s, Melitta has an attraction to the female villain, the girlfriend of the Joker, Harley Quinn, from the Batman cartoon. Melitta designed and made the costume for this show, adapted directly from the images of […]

The Black Clown

Creepy, sexy and dark, this is a favorite with all audiences. Impersonating a dark creature from the forgotten backyard of a traveling circus, who’s intentions of pleasing the audience with a balloon flower takes her to air filled with rage and laughter. Sensual? Creepy? Eery? Strange? You decide.

Nightfall in Pink

A true striptease taken to the heights. Melitta performs a beautiful burlesque striptease on her aerial hoop. This can be requested with an additional classic burlesque intro, either a fan dance or a balloon pop dance. This is a perfect act for a public with a classic expectation of burlesque.

Marie Antoinette

“Let them eat cake!” What was to happen if her highness was to drink a bit too much of champagne? Don’t loose your head, while she might loose a pastie or two spinning on the hoop.

The Marionette

A real life marionette coming to life, leaves the ropes binding her and sets herself free through a beautiful sequence on the aerial hoop.